outreach committee

Our aim is to reach out across the state.
Your help can make a big difference!

As a grassroots organization focused on reducing gun violence in our state, we recognize the value of CONVERSATION…  Every day, we’re reaching out as widely as we can to bring people into the discussion — from rotary clubs and congregations to universities and medical professionals. 

Connect. Collaborate. Implement.

This fall, we’re working hard to hold community discussions in Charleston, Greenville and Myrtle Beach with groups of veterans, gun owners and non-gun owners and people in the food and beverage and tourist industries. Together, we’ll raise awareness and discuss where we can find common ground on potential legislation as well as encourage safe gun ownership.

To further our advocacy and education work, our committee is also building collaborations with other organizations and governmental departments that focus on gun violence prevention, offer mental health support to families and focus on awareness and problem solving training. Our partners include: Police Department Crime Prevention Units, County Mental Health Departments, City Mental Health Clinics and programs like the South Carolina Empowered Minds Program that teaches young people how to make thoughtful, empathetic choices when feeling angry or frustrated.

Are you a connector? A collaborator?  Have an idea or connection you’d like to share?

Join our Outreach Committee – we are always happy to have more help! Connect us with a program, group or person you think we need to meet or you can volunteer to help with our outreach events. Or, host a conversation at your home or another meeting place. We can help with the mechanics of scheduling and help guide the discussion. For more information on our outreach events, please reach out to our committee.

Please send us an email to discuss how we can work together to reduce gun violence in South Carolina.

Thank you for helping to START THE CONVERSATION!

Gun violence is a public health crisis in South Carolina:

  • South Carolina has the fifth-highest rate of gun homicides, ranks second in aggravated assault with a gun, and is the fifth-leading supplier of guns used in crimes in other states, at a rate 82% higher than the U.S. average (Center for American Progress, 2016).
  • Not including suicides, our state averaged one death, two injuries and four incidents due to gun violence each day in 2016 (Gun Violence Archives).
  • From 2014 to 2016 alone, 56 children under age 12 in our state were killed or injured by guns, as were 131 teenagers and 23 police officers ( Gun Violence Archives).
  • In 2014 South Carolina had the fifth-highest rate of females murdered by males in a single victim/single offender homicides. In the prior four years our state ranked first-or second-highest. In the indicated five years 56% of these domestic violence victims were murdered with a firearm (Violence Policy Center 2016).


Arm-In-Arm is consulting on “ARMED”, an important theatrical event in the upstate to raise awareness of gun issues and solutions in the Greenville area.