Arm-in-Arm’s 2018 Election Accountability Project states:
“If we want legislative change such as closing the Charleston loop-hole and criminal background checks for all gun sales; then we need to hold elected officials and candidates accountable for their gun policy positions.“

The Arm-In-Arm EAP was launched during the 2018 primary and will go state-wide for the general election. It’s purpose is to motivate and inform voters to register, vote and have clear information on where candidates stand on SC gun policies. We do not endorse candidates nor tell people who to vote for. We ask candidates 2 simple direct questions….collect the answers, verify the answers multiple times and then publish the results via social media, e-mail and traditional media. This not only shines light on candidate positions. but it also let’s candidates know that their gun violence policy positions are a priority voting issue and they are being held accountable.

Please join with us and register, vote and hold candidates and elected officials accountable.

Participate in democracy and Arm-in-Arm’s Election Accountability Project today… 3 Easy Steps:


Keeping guns secured saves lives.

We need a comprehensive campaign to dramatically reduce the amount of stolen firearms and unauthorized possession of firearms. That is why Arm-In Arm has created this new unique project created by gun-owners for gun owners.  Our goal is to have zero guns stolen out of unlocked cars and homes; as well as dramatically increase conversations among gun owners, gun dealers, gun clubs and others that focus on responsibility and securing our firearms from unauthorized use.  Gun owners have told us that gun owners speaking with other gun owners will build trust and create a renewed effort to work together on gun violence reduction issues without fear that second amendment rights are being jeopardized.


The SC Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children is tasked with advising the SC legislature on policies that improve the well being and safety of children. Arm-In-Arm has spent the last year engaging with the committee, including providing testimony, to raise awareness of the need to address specific actions to reduce the impact of gun violence on children. The committee has asked Arm-In-Arm to provide a formal list of recommendations. Arm-In-Arm is in the process of creating a Blue Ribbon Report on Keeping our Children Safe from Gun Violence.


Arm-In-Arm has collaborated on several performances with important Arts organizations in Greenville and Charleston. This project will continue to grow as the arts community provides a unique approach to connecting to the public on gun violence issues and solutions. Through the transformative connecting ability of the arts to tell SC stories, AIA will facilitate creating opportunities for folks to listen, respect and work together on common ground solutions to keep our children and families safe from gun violence. We are thankful to have worked with Pure Theater, GlowLyric Theater, The Salvage Company-Piccolo Spoleto and Theater Charleston


We have created the first comprehensive SC specific digital tool kit to empower all of us with information and guideposts to create your own positive prevention based in-home or group conversations on gun violence reduction issues.