Open Carry is adding fuel to the fire.

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, overwhelmed medical staff, an economic downturn affecting countless businesses and negatively impacting our important tourism industry, the South Carolina General Assembly has chosen now, of all times, to consider legislation that would allow questionably trained individuals to openly carry handguns.

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South Carolina’s current concealed carry laws work just fine. They’ve protected our Second Amendment rights for years. These Open Carry bills, HB3094 (and even worse, HB 3096) disregard common sense when it comes to permits and training. Not to mention it opens the door to a host of challenges in a wide range of areas. Do we really need to put more pressure on law enforcement now? Do we really need to put more stress on medical professionals now? Do small businesses need the signage and liability headache? Do large venues (which we hope will soon play host to crowds) need the added concern of Open Carry now? The answer is simply NO.

Stand with your neighbors saying ‘not now’

Support law enforcement

Many officers, including SLED Chief Mark Keel, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds and Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook, oppose Open Carry. Chief Reynolds says Open Carry will only make officers’ jobs more difficult, obscuring true threats and increasing the likelihood of deadly conflict.

Protect medical professionals

Like many medical professionals across South Carolina, Dr. John Hallet treats gunshot wounds, and expresses deep concern about the impact of this dangerous policy.

Stand with small business owners

South Carolina’s business community members like Sallie Duell, need lawmaker support to get past the pandemic and into recovery — not the added stress of adhering to burdensome Open Carry requirements.

Represent responsible gun owners

Conscientious, experienced gun owners like Bill Ware and Butch Kennedy know that allowing untrained people to walk around with un-holstered deadly weapons is asking for trouble.

quote arm in arm

Open carry is a clear and present danger

Small business owners, law enforcement officers, medical experts and responsible gun owners agree — not only is this bill a distraction from major challenges we currently face, it threatens the safety of our families, as well as the success of our state’s economic recovery.