A Line of Defense

Gun Violence in South Carolina is a public health crisis that’s reached epidemic proportions. It’s time to find common ground solutions in South Carolina, and to invest in our existing systems to keep our families, our children and our communities safe.

    why background checks?

    A 3-page form. A few minutes. A quick scan. Background checks are just a matter of course. And, if you purchase a gun from a federally licensed firearms dealer, they’re mandatory. However, in South Carolina, unlicensed sellers are permitted to sell firearms online, at gun shows and elsewhere without the safeguard of a background check. This oversight can lead to catastrophic consequences.

    In the fight against illegal gun ownership, we know that background checks can effectively combat criminal possession of firearms. What’s more, states whose background checks include private sales have seen meaningful reductions in gun violence:

    • 53% decline in law enforcement officers
      killed by guns
    • 47% decline in women killed with guns
      by an intimate partner
    • 47% decline in gun suicides
    • 48% decline in gun trafficking

    By supporting legislation that enforces background checks for all gun sales, we can close the gaps that allow unlicensed dealers to behave irresponsibly. And, we can keep guns out of dangerous hands. Arm-in-Arm seeks to be a voice for the 84 percent of all South Carolinians who know background checks can save lives and believe all gun owners should play by the same rules.