election accountability project

2020 Election Accountability Project

For too long, South Carolinians voted in the dark, with little idea of where candidates stood on important questions concerning gun policy. Changing that is central to Arm-in-Arm’s mission.

For 2020, we selected 41 races in our state to elicit responses from candidates on two timely gun policy issues:

  • Do you support Universal Background Checks on all gun sales?
  • Do you oppose Open Carry of handguns in public?

Candidate responses to the survey questions are reported as “Yes,” “No,” or “No Response.”

We do not endorse candidates nor tell people who to vote for. We simply ask the two questions, collect the answers, then publish the results via social media, e-mail and traditional media.  

Our Election Accountability Project is the only statewide survey of its kind focused on gun policies in SC. Results shed light on candidate positions and raise awareness throughout the state that gun safety policy positions are a priority issue for voters.


safe schools project

The Safe Schools Project is the voice of teachers and friends of education working together to stimulate conversation and advocate for best practices in school safety. Kudos go to Charleston student leaders, teachers, and Patrick Martin for his leadership of the AIA-Safe Schools Project. Patrick was interviewed by MTV regarding gun violence reduction issues while the Parkland team was in town.

gun ownership project

Keeping guns secured saves lives.
We need a comprehensive campaign to dramatically reduce the amount of stolen firearms and unauthorized possession of firearms. That is why Arm-In Arm has created this new unique project created by gun-owners for gun owners.  Our goal is to have zero guns stolen out of unlocked cars and homes; as well as dramatically increase conversations among gun owners, gun dealers, gun clubs and others that focus on responsibility and securing our firearms from unauthorized use.  Gun owners have told us that gun owners speaking with other gun owners will build trust and create a renewed effort to work together on gun violence reduction issues without fear that second amendment rights are being jeopardized.

faith coalition building

In both our faith and our freedoms, let us protect one another. An initiative of Arm-in-Arm, Stand-Up Sunday has brought together thousands of faith leaders and congregation members to address the issue of gun violence through sermons, hymns, and demonstrations of support for universal background checks. To join the congregations in our state that are participating in this event, email us with your place of worship’s name and the subject line, “We’re in.” We’ll be in touch soon.


public health

Addressing gun violence as a public health crisis in our state is key. Our public health outreach efforts galvanize medical students and healthcare professionals, and help supply South Carolina-specific information and accurate, data-supported research, to those who need it. We’re also working to introduce change in medical education about gun violence, raising awareness of the risks to young children and troubled family members.

See what we’re working on here

education and awareness

From rotary clubs and congregations to universities and PTAs, every day we’re reaching out to new people and new groups to talk about gun violence. Together, we’ll coordinate with community leaders across the state – to inspire and empower communities toward practical and productive solutions. Our outreach efforts are geared toward reaching thousands of South Carolinians — so they, in turn, can engage their networks.