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Do you work in the medical or health industry?  

Our Public Health Committee is comprised of people in the medical field who are interested in addressing gun violence as a public health issue… Our main objective is to educate both the public and health professionals about the crisis of gun violence.

By sharing South Carolina-specific information and accurate, data-based research about gun violence, our hope is that prevention efforts will take root across our state and the significant health burden from gun violence will be reduced.



Our Public Health committee member Dr. Robert Ball presented Pediatric Grand Rounds “Arm-in-Arm responds to gun violence” at Greenville Memorial Hospital on Friday, April 27, 2018. Below is his slideshow.

Download the PDF: “ARM-in-ARM Responds to Gun Violence”


In 2017, Dr. Robert Ball and Dr. Ashley Hink presented at MUSC College of Medicine Grand Round:
“Behind the Bullets: An Epidemiologic Review of Firearm Injury and Death in the U.S. and a Public Health Approach to Reducing the Epidemic of Firearm Violence”

Download the PDF: “Behind the Bullets”

Our committee’s outreach efforts are three-fold:

MEDICAL EDUCATION – First, we are working to introduce changes in medical education so that gun violence as a public health issue is included in medical training.
SPEAKERS BUREAU – Second, we are developing two groups of speakers who can address both public and medical groups to provide evidence-based information about gun violence and prevention.
RESOURCE OF INFORMATION – Finally, we are providing scientific articles for our website and will update them frequently as new information becomes available.

Do YOU work in the health industry?

PLEASE join our group of professionals.  We meet on a regular basis to organize and plan our efforts to disseminate information via our website, Emailing our membership and through the efforts of our speaker’s bureau. Feel free to send us an email.

Articles of Interest

Here are a few articles of interest recommended by our Public Health Committee. Be sure to check back – we’ll update this list on a regular basis:

Link HERE to read “Reducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths in the United States,” 2014, Annals of Internal Medicine, R. Butkus; R. Doherty; H. Daniel, Health and Public Policy Committee of the American College of Physicians (*).

Link HERE to read “Firearm-Related Injury and Death in the United States: A Call to Action From 8 Health Professional Organizations and the American Bar Association,” 2015, Annals of Internal Medicine, S. E. Weinberger; D. B. Hoyt; H. C. Lawrence III; S. Levin; D. E. Henley; E. R. Alden; D. Wilkerson; G. C. Benjamin; W. C. Hubbard.

Link HERE to read “Regions with Stronger Gun Laws Have Fewer Gun-Related Pediatric Emergency Department Visits,” 2017, Children’s National Health System.”

Link HERE to read “The Danger Within: How to Save Loved Ones from the Gun Meant to Save Them,” Arm-in-Arm, 2017.

Gun violence is a public health crisis in South Carolina:

  • South Carolina has the fifth-highest rate of gun homicides, ranks second in aggravated assault with a gun, and is the fifth-leading supplier of guns used in crimes in other states, at a rate 82% higher than the U.S. average (Center for American Progress, 2016).
  • Not including suicides, our state averaged one death, two injuries and four incidents due to gun violence each day in 2016 (Gun Violence Archives).
  • From 2014 to 2016 alone, 56 children under age 12 in our state were killed or injured by guns, as were 131 teenagers and 23 police officers ( Gun Violence Archives).
  • In 2014 South Carolina had the fifth-highest rate of females murdered by males in a single victim/single offender homicides. In the prior four years our state ranked first-or second-highest. In the indicated five years 56% of these domestic violence victims were murdered with a firearm (Violence Policy Center 2016).