Our Platform
Our approach to legislation is simple.  Combine what we know works (proven over multiple years, with ample data) with legislation that law enforcement wants…

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Legislation and Action Alerts

Breaking News

1.  SUPPORT  S. 516 Court Criminal Reporting and S. 431 Weapons Offenses
2.  ALERT H. 4956 Guns in Schools bill proposed!
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee
Time: Upon Senate Adjournment (late afternoon)
Room 105, Gressette Building



A Call to Action From 8 Health Professional Organizations
“Firearm-Related Injury and Death in the United States: A Call to Action From 8 Health Professional Organizations and the American Bar Association,” 2015,  Annals of Internal Medicine.

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US Congressional Delegations SC
A complete list of contact information for SC Lawmakers. Reaching out is simple. Just tell your story and always mention your strong support of Universal Background Checks!

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COMING SOON: SC Polling Information
3 South Carolina polls show overwhelming support for Universal Background Checks in our state. Here’s what we know, complete with links to the original sources.



Federal Firearm Bills
Here’s a list of all the federal bills that include the word “firearm.”

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Regions with Stronger Gun Laws Have Fewer Gun-Related Pediatric ER Visits
2017 article from the Children’s National Health System discussing evidence that stronger laws lower pediatric visits to emergency departments.

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Guns…and Domestic Violence
We talk about the ties between domestic violence and guns often because of the staggering statistics in our state. Here are details about domestic violence in South Carolina…

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Reducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths
“Reducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths,” 2017, Annals of Internal Medicine, R. Butkus; R. Doherty; H. Daniel,  Health and Public Policy Committee, American College of Physicians (*).

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The Danger Within:
“How to Save Loved Ones from the Gun Meant to Save Them.” 2016 article written by team members at Arm-in-Arm about the importance of gun safety and storage in the home.

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