Stand-Up Sunday has been endorsed by the South Carolina Christian Action Council.

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Explaining Stand-Up Sunday

How does a community solve a problem?

First, it identifies the problem. We’ve done that! Our state has the fifth-deadliest rate of gun homicides and exports the fifth-highest rate of guns used in crimes in other states. We can’t keep letting guns fall into the wrong hands while so many families are being shattered.

Second, it forms a team to address the problem. We’ve done that, too! In the year and a half since the Emanuel AME killings, Arm in Arm has created a membership of over 1,200 South Carolinians — clergy, health-care professionals, teachers and volunteers from all walks of life — who support the Second Amendment right to lawfully own firearms but know that we can’t keep allowing 22% of guns to be acquired without background checks.

Third, it links arms with groups who care . . . and that’s what Stand-Up Sunday on Jan. 29 — or Stand-Up Sabbath if your congregation meets on a different day that weekend — does. Last year over a thousand SC congregations stood together on Stand-Up Sunday to address gun violence and to ask our legislators to close the dangerous gaps in our gun laws. Let’s make Stand-Up Sunday 2017 even bigger!


On Stand-Up Sunday, January 29, congregations will


  • Invite their state senator and state representative to their service.
  • Make gun violence the focal point of the day’s sermon and music.
  • Commemorate the victims of gun violence, inviting congregation members to stand and declare the names, ages and occupations of loved ones they have lost or the names of victims of mass shootings such as those in Charleston, Orlando, Newtown and Aurora.
  • Sign letters to legislators demanding background checks on all gun sales.
  • Name a point person who cares about this issue and send his or her contact information to so that Arm in Arm can link up for future actions to reduce this public-health crisis.

Why participate in Stand-Up Sunday?


  • Your congregation cares about 32,000 Americans a year dying from gun violence and South Carolina suffering the fifth-highest rate of gun homicide.
  • The South Carolina Christian Action Council has endorsed Stand-Up Sunday for all SC congregations.
  • 84% South Carolinians want background checks on ALL gun purchases. That’s 82% of Republicans and 86% of Democrats. Nationally, 83% of gun owners agree.
  • Stand-Up Sunday doesn’t threaten the 2nd Amendment right to lawfully possess guns.
  • It’s more vital now than ever that the overwhelming majority make its voice heard to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands.

How To Reach Out to Your Legislators


Writing a personal letter, making a phone call or paying a visit is the most effective way to let your state senator and state representative know that you want them to honor democracy and the wishes of 84% of South Carolinians by supporting universal background checks now.


Please email to let us know that your congregation’s STANDING UP . . .
or to answer any questions you might have!